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Behind her, another colleague is an old, lewd boss. True to the movie's name, Yui Hatano is a beautiful and gentle girl, but ironically, right from her first day at work, she was raped by her old boss. Yui Hatano was asked by her brother to let her work at the company. From the first time they met, the boss noticed her. That night she had to stay and work overtime, the boss came over to get to know her and told her to put away the documents. Because she didn't know where the warehouse was, the boss took her there. Just after putting away the documents, the power suddenly went out. After a while, the power came on and the boss opened the door to get out but couldn't. Calling someone outside, no one heard them, so the two of them were locked in the warehouse. There were only two people, so the boss had the idea of raping his colleague. Yui Hatano struggled to disagree. The boss said that if she didn't want him to tell her brother and she would lose her job, she would have to have sex with him. Her colleague sadly accepted. The next morning, an employee went into the warehouse to store things and discovered two people hidden under a pile of boxes of documents. After that time, Yui Hatano was very afraid of meeting the old boss. The next time, the boss repeatedly raped the female colleague. He raped her while she was changing clothes, in the office, the bathroom,... Unable to accept being raped anymore, Yui Hatano decided to submit her resignation and find a new job that was suitable for her.

JUY-137 Behind the female colleague

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 Movie Code: JUY-137 

 Actor: Yui Hatano 

 Category: Jav Japanese Sex Movies Adultery Sex Movie VLXX 

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